Living in a house full of junk may just be your worst nightmare. However, you can put an end to this bad dream by getting in touch with Lift N Take. We can provide you with a residential junk pick up—all you have to do is contact us and schedule an appointment first!

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Home is where the heart is. At the very least, it’s supposed to be a place where you can relax and enjoy some time off. However, when you come home from a long day at work, only to discover your house is an absolute disaster, it can be enough to give you a killer headache. What sort of household junk is stressing you out? Clothes? Toys? Old decorations or something else? No matter what has to go, you should know you’re not the one who has to haul it away. That’s because Lift N Take wants to be at your service instead! We provide residential junk removal in Granville, OH and many other service areas as well. Whether your home is small or a whole mansion, we can handle the removal of all the junk. That way, you can get back to relaxing sooner rather than later.


There’s no denying that junk removal is difficult work, especially when you’re working on your own. You might stumble upon items that are too heavy for you to remove on your own, such as sofas, refrigerators, and entertainment centers. If your local trash collection service won’t accept everything you put on the curb, you’ll need to plan to take a trip to a landfill. By the time you’ve gone through all your unwanted things, chances are, you’ll be dog-tired. Isn’t a typical week tiring enough?

Instead of suffering through this do-it-yourself process, clean up your house without even lifting a finger with Lift N Take! We are the best residential junk removal service in your area because we work hard to ensure your satisfaction. What’s more, we are friendly from start to finish. You’re our neighbor, so we’ll treat you accordingly!

From hauling the junk to loading up our truck, we’ll do it all so you don’t have to. By the time we’re done with our work, your home will look beautiful, clean, and clutter-free. We can even sort of those hard-to-reach spaces, such as basements and attics. Hauling junk up or down a flight of stairs won’t be a challenge for us! Our residential junk haulers have just about seen it all, so we will never be left scratching our heads. You won’t be scratching your head over confusing pricing structures, either. We use a simple, volume-based cost system. In other words, you pay based on the amount of junk we haul away and not a penny more.

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  1. Your house shouldn’t have to stay cluttered any longer. After you schedule your appointment, we’ll aim to be there right on time. Expect a courtesy call from us shortly before our arrival.
  2. Say hello, approve our upfront quote, and give us plenty of room as we begin hauling your junk away. Since you don’t have to help with this process, feel free to run an errand, watch some TV, or cook your next meal.
  3. As we get closer to the end of the appointment, feel free to check our work. You’ll see that all the rooms are clean and clutter-free, making your house a more relaxing place to be just about instantly.
  4. Once we’re done, we’ll accept your payment. There are never hidden fees tacked on, so no need to worry about going over your budget. We’re proud to provide affordable residential junk removal at Lift N Take!

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When moving out, cleaning up after a foreclosure, or dealing with the aftermath of an eviction, you might just need to clean out your house. Fortunately, it’s easy to clear out each and every room with our clean out services. Since time is of the essence, we’ll be there in no time to start hauling everything away. From the bedroom and the kitchen to the garage and the living room, we’ll make sure every last nook and cranny is tidied up!

No matter how much household junk you need us to haul away, we’d love to help you out. So why wait to get started? Contact us online, and you can claim your preferred appointment window in just a few minutes. Or click the button below to give us a call!

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Have a question about our services? Want to see if your particular project is one we can help with? To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!



By choosing Lift N Take, you’re choosing a locally owned and operated business. Because of this, you’ll receive lower prices! After all, we don’t have expensive franchise fees to pay. Not only that, but we keep more of that money here in our area’s economy. As you can see, everyone benefits when Lift N Take is on the job.

Since you’re itching to clean up your household, why not give our team members a new job to tackle? Not only are we eager to make your acquaintance, but we’re excited to earn your smile, too. We’re sure you’ll be grinning by the time we’ve removed the last piece of junk from your home!

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