Granville, OH is the home of Lift N Take, and if you’re on this page, it’s likely your home, too. If you have any sort of property that needs to be decluttered in Granville, then you know what to do. Contact Lift N Take today, and we’ll drive over there and haul away all your unwanted items fast!

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Granville, OH proudly boasts the motto of “One of Ohio’s Best Hometowns”. But what makes Granville so great? Of course, there’s a lot that goes into making a great community. Friendly people that recognize each other in the streets are the foundation of it all. Then, on top of that, cozy neighborhoods and exciting local businesses are a must. It’s all brought together by clean, clutter-free space that minimizes stress and helps draw in visitors from out of town. However, if your space is looking a bit cluttered after all, don’t panic. With our junk removal services in Granville, OH, you’ll be able to make your part of the village the best it can possibly be. Let Lift N Take transform your property full of junk into something you can be proud of!


With a population of around six thousand people, it’s inevitable that there will be messes to clean up in Granville. So make sure you’re not the one who has to do the hard work! At Lift N Take, our crew of experts can carry away any and all junk you have for us. We can remove furniture, carpets, and trash from your home, and we can haul cubicles, computers, and other commercial waste items out of your business. We can even help clean out dormitories if you’re finishing up at Denison University. Whatever you need from us, you can count on us to serve you with smiles. We’re happy to assist you!

A junk pick up from Lift N Take is a better experience than anything our competitors are providing. Why? The sheer speed at which we can finish the work is a big factor. Our employees have done junk removal work time and time again, so they’ll be able to clean up your clutter quickly. Not only that, but our affordable prices are pretty appealing as well. Our junk removal cost is based on the volume of junk we haul away, and there are never hidden fees.

Fast, cheap junk removal is hard to come by. However, as long as Lift N Take serves your community, then you’re in luck! Our junk removal services in Granville, OH are just a phone call away. Simply dial 740-405-9277 to start speaking to one of our employees. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment online by clicking Book Now.

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  1. Lift N Take will arrive on time and ask to see all the junk you want us to haul away. Give us a quick tour, then approve our upfront service quote to get started.
  2. Next, we’ll start picking up all the junk so we can haul it to our truck. One trip after another, your clutter will fade away as clean space takes its place.
  3. We will also sweep the floors and double-check for any forgotten junk before we wrap things up. When we accept your payment, there will be no hidden fees added.
  4. Finally, we will leave so we can take the junk to a nearby landfill. At this point, you’re free to use the rest of your day in whatever way you like.


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Sure, we’re a junk removal company, but we do light demolition as well! Do you have some sort of structure that needs to be torn down? At Lift N Take, we have plenty of experience with the destruction of sheds, playsets, fences, and decks.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg, though. We can remove just about any small structure you might have, and we’ll clean up the demolition debris, too! As you can see, Lift N Take is the right choice when you have anything that needs to go!

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Have a question about our services? Want to see if your particular project is one we can help with? To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!



A local junk removal business can serve you better than a franchise can. Since Lift N Take has lower operating costs than a “big box” business, we’ll be able to provide you with a bargain. Consider the fact that our neighborhood haulers love serving the community, and you’ll quickly realize that you’re in for a friendly, courteous experience as well.

To schedule junk removal services in Granville, OH, all you have to do is click one of the two buttons below. Whether you contact us online or give us a phone call, we hope to hear from you soon. It’s time to make your junk disappear!

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